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Bookweek Parade

Unmask Your Secret Power at the WEPS Book Week Parade 

11:45 to 12:45 Students are asked to come dressed in one of the following categories. They will parade twice, with their class and with their category.

Secret Power Superheroes – Parade dressed as a superhero, if you can’t pick one, make one up, or parade as a book character with secret powers, or you might like to make a poster of the book cover to wear or carry.

Reading is a Secret Super Power – Parade with a poster containing an inspirational quote about how reading is a secret power that can change your life. The poster should be large enough for the audience to read during the parade. A search on Google images “power of reading quotes” or “poster power of reading” will give you lots of ideas to design your poster. 

Secret Agent Reading – Parade dressed as a secret agent disguised wearing a special pair of reading glasses to use when undertaking your secret reading activities. You may like to make some glasses or you may also like to parade with your favourite book to show.